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Traumbilder Book published



Finally my book Traumbilder is available in the virtuel shelves.

It is a collaborative project 10 years in the making between my hubby Tristan and me.
His beautiful dreamy writing, and my photography, or as he would put it:  
"Travel, thought and old whiskey. Technology and poems. The heady wintry air in the mountains, the salty warm nest of the summer ocean. Work like a demon, love simple, play complicated. Serenity is a lost sock, nestled somewhere down in the sofa. I will find you yet! Love, freckles, and old whiskey. Soft - pushing at the edges, Parting with velvet mind. Lost, sometimes, in time, or in the soft sight of the world in all her optic possibility. There are pictures - to be taken!"


"Mirror with a Memory"


One of my pieces from the Ocean's Edge Portfolio - Plate 28 Horseshoe Crab – is traveling to the Peter Miller Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island. It is part of the exhibition “Mirror with a Memory” Alternative Process Photography in the 21st Century, curated by Brett Henrikson.
The exhibit will be up from October 20 – November 12, 2016
Opening reception: October 20, 2016 from 5 to 9pm (Gallery Night Providence). 

We live in a flood of imagery, from Instagram feeds to Facebook, and most of us have come to fully embrace our cellphone screens as our primary means of grasping at the fleeting image; pressing “like” and letting it pass us by. These immaterial encounters with the digital have changed fine art photography for better or worse; the medium has shifted our consciousness from the print and to the screen. Never more has the physical photographic object stood out from the rest of the medium and declared itself art.


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